VE Stainless steel 2.5" V-Band flange kit & Clamp

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Velocity Element 2.5 Inch V-Band kit (304 stainless clamp & flanges)

Hands down our most popular fabrication part, the VE 2.5" Vband kit is made from 304 Stainless steel and CnC'd to ensure a perfect fit and seal. These flanges have a male/female mating surface as well as a recess for 2.5" 1-1.7mm wall Stainless 2.5" exhaust tube that makes welding smooth like butter! Often times you will not even need to use filler rod so long as you fit the exhaust tubing corectly the CnC'd "welding collar" on the Vband flanges makes fabrication life easy and leaves strong, clean sexy as F**K instagram friendly welds. ***The "Welding collar" also prevents the flanges from warping during welding.**** 

2.5 inch 304 stainless steel vband kit

VE 2.5 Inch V-Band Kit:

  • Full 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Male and Female interlocking flanges
  • Designed for easy fabrication with "welding collar"
  • CnC machined
  • Replacment flanges and clamps available

Please contact us any time with questions or special requests, we are here to support you and your build every step of the way. or call us at 888-290-3213 Have a Shop? Fabricate parts? Whole sale accounts welcome, call or email to open your account today and start saving BIG. 

ve 3 inch Vband CnC welding collar

Velocity Element specializes in custom engineering and fabrication for racing applications. Velocity Element has introduced a special selection of parts that were developed for the circuit so now you can get VE performance at a fraction of the cost of a one-off custom job. 

Brewed Motorsports is proud to carry the full Velocity Element product line. Not only do we use the VE parts on all or our shop cars but we also offer the lowest pricing guaranteed. 

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