VE Knock Sensor Kit & Wiring harness

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Velocity Element Knock Sensor kit.

Intorducing the first plug and play Knock sensor kit that can be used with almost every Engine managment systems/ECU. VE has put together a complete kit with Flat response knock sensor, shielded Coax wire harness, locking wiring harnes clip and hardware for a perfect install.

Velocity Element knock sensor kit, designed to work hand in hand with motorsports most powerful ECU/EMS’s such as Infinity, Pectel, Motec, AEM, Haltech, DTA, Mega Squirt, Pro EFI, Cosworth, Vipec, Link and MANY more. The VE knock kit allows for unmatched Knock monitoring and tune-ability to ensure accurate readings on ANY ENGINE no matter stroke/bore. Monitoring engine knock is one of the most important aspects of tuning an engine. VE Knock sensor kit is a fully pre wired plug and play motor sports grade knock monitor solution. Utilizing Insulated Coax wire to ensure a clean signal to the ECU/EMS.

VE offer both single and dual knock sensor kits, single sensor kits are most commonly using on inline 4 cylinder engines such as k20, 4g63, sr20, ka24, b16, b18, b20, k24, 4b11 and 3sgte. Click here for Dual Channel VE knock Kit The dual Knock sensor kits are best utilized on straight six, boxer, v6, v8, v10 and v12 engines where one knock sensor just isn’t enough. VE dual knock kit has proven to be extremely popular for many Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini and Ferrari builds used in circuit racing to help the engine deliver reliable horse power.

VE knock sensor kit with Coax shielded wire harness

VE Knock Sensor fitment guide

  • Motec
  • AEM Infinity
  • Vipec
  • Syvecs
  • Haltech
  • AEM V2 ems
  • Link
  • DTA
  • Cosworth
  • EFI
  • Pro EFI
  • Many more supported EMS contact for more details and to ask if your EMS or ECU is supported

Please contact us any time with questions or special requests. or call us at 888-290-3213

****Tuning an engine should always be done by a trained professional, the VE knock kits are designed to provide the tuner and EMS/ECU a reliable way to monitor engine noise and knock which means more HP and reliabity.  

Velocity Element specializes in custom engineering and fabrication for racing applications. Velocity Element has introduced a special selection of parts that were developed for the circuit so now you can get VE performance at a fraction of the cost of a one-off custom job. 

Brewed Motorsports is proud to carry the full Velocity Element product line. Not only do we use the VE parts on all or our shop cars but we also offer the lowest pricing guaranteed. 

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