VE Fire Sleeve -6 or -8an aka 1/2"

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Velocity Element -6an & -8an Fire Sleeve 

Introducing all Black Velocity Element Fire Sleeve sold in 12 inch sections. This stuff has been designed to work hand in hand with all types of AN hose, vacuum line and other engine plumbing. VE Fire Sleeve provides a protective heat and flame resistant shield protecting your engines vacuum, oil and water lines. The extra protection provided by VE fire sleeve also greatly extends the life of the hose/line that is now protected from the extreme under hood conditions.(Order more than 1 and we will NOT cut the fire sleeve, example quatity 3 would get you 1 3 foot section of fire sleeve).

VE Fire Sleeve is available in a -4an through -12AN for easy installation and perfect fitment. Be sure to measure the outside diameter of the hose/s you will be covering, although the fire sleeve is slightly stretchy for easy installation you should ensure the ID of the fire sleeve you order is slightly larger than the OD of the hose/line you will cover.

ve fire sleeve

VE -8an or 1/2" Fire Sleeve usage and fitment guide

  • Vacuum lines
  • Fuel lines
  • Engine Oil lines
  • Coolant lines
  • Brake hoses/hard line
  • Cut and use to wrap Intake or intercooler pipes
  • Power steering lines

Please contact us any time with questions or special requests, we are here to support you and your build every step of the way. or call us at 888-290-3213  

Velocity Element specializes in custom engineering and fabrication for racing applications. Velocity Element has introduced a special selection of parts that were developed for the circuit so now you can get VE performance at a fraction of the cost of a one-off custom job. 

Brewed Motorsports is proud to carry the full Velocity Element product line. Not only do we use the VE parts on all or our shop cars but we also offer the lowest pricing guaranteed. 

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