Turbo Anti Lag Valve, rally style ALS

Brewed Motors is proud support Rally style Antilag systems ...

Antil Lag Valve secondary air injection

The Anti Lag aka secondary air injection valve is a key part of a propper "rally style" ALS. Please note the ALS valve alone is not enough to correctly control an anti lag system. Below is a quote from the Brewed Motorsports blog explaining how the ALS valve works, we strong recommend reading the full story here: Brewed Anti lag systems explained

Need a full Antilag kit? We offer a number of complete Antilag Systems for any turbo charged engine. 

**Update 7/25/14 Velocity Element aka VE is now working with Brewed Motors to supply Turbo manifolds Pre fit with Antilag hardware and fittings**  http://velocityelement.com/

Antilag system for drifting rally style secondary air injection

​Secondary air injection:

"Rally style ALS are slightly more complicated, there are also a few different techniques used to get the desired results. I will only be touching on the secondary injection style anti lag as this has proven to work VERY well for our Brewed projects as well as 90% of WRC cars (Toyota, Subaru and Mitsubishi just to name a few). By introducing oxygen and fuel (in the proper mixture) directly into the exhaust manifold pre turbo you can produce combustion similar to the drag style ALS without moving the oxygen through the engine (the throttle plate can be closed or at a very low angle such as lifting off the throttle while cornering) This is the perfect way to lower the amount of stress on the engine/exhaust valves when compared to the drag style ALS as well as provide instant response when reapplying the throttle after lifting. Thanks to the WRC regulations many OEM cars actually came factory with this style of ALS however they were “tuned” off from the factory for the public. Cars such as the Evolution and all all trac celica could simply re map the ECU or use a standalone EMS and activate the OEM ALS!" Brewedmotorsports blog July, 2012

** Please contact us with any questions, keep in mind these are complicated systems that require propper tuning and maintance. While it is possible to have an secodary air injection system on a street car you will also need all the supporting hardware and ECU/EMS. 

Some early testing on EFR series turbos

Ka24 EFR6258, Brewed tuned AEM EMS 

rally style antilag system used for Drifting for 0 turbo Lag


Velocity Element specializes in custom engineering and fabrication for racing applications. Velocity Element has introduced a special selection of parts that were developed for the circuit so now you can get VE performance at a fraction of the cost of a one-off custom job. 

Brewed Motorsports is proud to carry the full Velocity Element product line. Not only do we use the VE parts on all or our shop cars but we also offer the lowest pricing guaranteed. 

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