Radium Engineering Fuel Rail Kit Nissan S14/S15 SR20DET

Radium Engineering Fuel Rail Kit Nissan S14/S15 SR20DET

Proper fuel delivery is arguably one of the most critical components for those looking to get all the power they can safely and reliably from an engines setup. More often then not, OEM fuel rails are incredibly restrictive and impede the fuel delivery to the injectors under high fuel pressures, where arguably having consistent fuel pressure is absolutely necessary. With the Radium Engineering Fuel Rail kit for the S14 or S15 Nissan SR20DET (20-0159) you can make sure that your fuel rail is able to flow all the fuel you can push through it!

This fuel rail kit is a direct bolt-on for all S14 and S15 SR20DET engines and features a large 0.69" ID bore to suit even the most fuel hungry engines. The fuel rail converts the OEM side feed fuel inejctor setup to top feed allowing the use of high flowing 14mm fuel injectors. The rail is CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum, media blasted, black-dipped anodized and laser etched for a high quality surface finish. It is compatible with all fuel types including popular alcohol mixtures such as E85

What's Included:

All parts listed below are included for a trouble and leak-free installation.
- Black Anodized Aluminum Fuel Rail
- Green Anodized Aluminum Mounting Bolt Spacers (x3)
- Green Anodized Aluminum 25mm Injector Seats (x4)
- Black Anodized Aluminum IACV Spacer Kit
- IACV Gasket, SR20DET S14/S15 (x1)
- Black Anodized Aluminum IACV Barb Adapter 
- Rubber Hose and OEM Clamp for IACV
- Stainless Steel M8x1.25 Mounting Bolts (x3)
- Stainless Steel M6x1 Mounting Bolts (x3)

NOTE: This fuel rail kit does NOT come standard with fittings. Fittings are purchased separately, please contact us for fitting options! 

20-0159 Radium Engineering S14/S15 Nissan SR20DET Fuel Rail

Fuel Injector Compatibility

The kit includes 2 sets of phenolic spacers (shown above in the kit contents) to suit multiple height injectors. The spacers are machined from phenolic material and offer excellent resistance to heat transfer.

Use the tall spacers and longer mounting bolts to accomodate this size injector:

20-0157 Radium Engineering S13 or S14 Nissan 240SX KA24DE Fuel Rail Tall Injector Size Injector Dynamics

Below are some of the many fuel injectors that are a direct fitment with this Radium fuel rail kit:

Use the shorter spacers and mounting bolts to accomodate this size injector:

20-0157 Radium Engineering S13 or S14 Nissan 240SX KA24DE Fuel Rail Short Injector Size Injector Dynamics

Below are some of the many fuel injectors that are a direct fitment with this Radium fuel rail kit using the short spacers:

NOTE: Fuel Injectors are NOT included with the fuel rail and must be purchased seperately. ****Make sure to contact us for special pricing on fuel rail and injetor packages!****

Port Configuration

The picture below shows how the fuel rail ports are threaded.


20-0159 Radium Engineering S14/S15 Nissan SR20DET Fuel Rail Port Configuration

Fuel Pressure Regulator Options:

The fuel rail can be plumbed to a remote aftermarket pressure regulator using -AN hose and fittings. Or the options below can be used to mount the pressure regulator directly to the fuel rail. 

The front port on this fuel rail is compatible with the Radium Engineering Direct Mount Regulator with black top (20-0223-00), as shown below, or Radium Engineering Direct Mount Regulator with green top (20-0223-00).  Note: Verify hood clearance is available before installing. 

radium s14 s15 sr20det top feed fuel rail

Or the stock regulator can be used in the rear port when installed with the Radium Engineering FPR Adapter (14-0165).​​

14-0165 Radium Engineering OEM Nissan Fuel Pressure Regulator Adapter

Optional Accessories:

- Fuel Pulse Damper

Do I need a pulse damper (FPD)?

The opening and closing of the injectors creates pressure pulses in the fuel rail, which can lead to unstable fuel pressure. In order to achieve a safe and consistent rail pressure, a pulse damper should be used (especially with high flow injectors). The internal diaphragm will absorb oscillation pulses and stabilize fuel pressure. The bottom center port on the Radium fuel rail for the KA24DE engine is an ideal location for a damper. It is compatible with Radium Engineering FPD-R (20-0176) or the Radium Engineering FPD-XR (20-0177), as seen in the picture below of an S13 sr20 manifold/rail. Both of these dampers will work no matter what fuel rail mounting spacers are used. Not sure what damper to use, contact us and we will make sure you get the right one for your application!

20-0157 Radium Engineering S13 or S14 Nissan 240SX KA24DE Fuel Rail Fuel Pulse Damper


Contact us any time with special requests or questions, we are here to support your build and are always happy to share information and help save you $$$. Call or email 888-290-3213 or tuning@brewedmotorsports.com (if you call be sure to leave a voice mail as we are often in the shop away from the phone)

Since 2010, Radium Engineering's goal has been to simply design and produce the highest quality, best-performing aftermarket automotive performance products. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Radium is a team with personal passions for innovation which leads Radium towards advancement in the industry.

All Radium products are carefully planned with thorough research and development and designed in-house using the latest computer simulation and modeling techniques. Extensive testing and evaluation ensures the durability and integrity of Radium products exceed consumer expectations. Each product is then subjected to rigourous dyno and track testing to ensure proper performance in the most extreme conditions. For these reasons, top street and race cars worldwide rely on Radium products. 

Make Model Years
Nissan 1995 - 2000
Nissan 1999 - 2002

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