Full-Race K20 K24 pro street turbo kit t3 t4 or twin scroll

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Full Race Pro-Street turbo kit K series Handa/Acura K20 and K24

Full Race produces the ultimate turbo kit for ALL K-series powered Honda applications and Brewed Motors guaranties the best service and lowest prices! Now it doesn't matter if you have an RSX or K24 swapped EG we have a turbo kit for EVERY K series! FR has engineered the pro street kit to offer the ultimate in performance and reliability, Full-Race kits spool faster and produce more reliable Horse power and Torque across the entire RPM range than any other turbo kit on the market. Don't hesitate to contact us for price quotes and special Package deals for your turbo K series build. sales@brewedmotorsports.com or call us at 888-290-3213

Full-Race K Series Prostreet Turbo Kits support power levels from an ultra responsive 300whp to a 1200whp+ monster. The Pro-Street kit retains all accessories such as PS and AC. With options available to upgrade to the Twin Scroll T4 manifold the Full Race K series turbo kit goes un matched in the aftermarket industry. Just when things couldn't get any better Brewed Motors has taken the legendary Full Race Turbo Kits to the next level by offering Pre fit VE Anti Lag kits, sensor bungs and ceramic coatings. Brewed can also supply any Turbo and waste combination from any manufacture IE: Garrett, Borgwarner, Precision, Tial, HKS, etc. To sweatin the deal even more and ensure you get every last HP from your turbo kit Brewed Motors now offers FREE base maps via our E-tuning service with any Full Race turbo kit purchase. Brewed wants to make sure every customer gets exactly what they want out of EVERY project, we are here to make your dreams a reality.

Full Race turbo kits are intended for off road use only.

K series Pro Street Turbo kit includes:

  • Full-Race K-Series T3, T4 or Twin scroll Turbo Manifold
  • Life time warranty on Manifold, DP, IC pipes
  • Full-Race K-Series V-band 3" Downpipe
  • Full-Race K-Series Vertical Flow Intercooler
  • Full-Race K-Series Charge Piping aka Intercooler pipes
  • Full-Race K-Series Kit Box aka hardware, lines, fitting, gaskets
  • FREE Brewed Motors Base map/tune, just let us know what ECU you are using
  • $100 credit towards your next Brewed purchase

Please contact our staff with any questions or special requests. sales@brewedmotorsports.com or call us at 888-290-3213

With so many different turbos available making the right choice for your build has never been more important. Our team of tuners has track and dyno tested nearly every combination of turbo charger you can dream up, we are hear to help you make the best decision possible and never look back. Don't forget to ask about Brewed package deals to save more $$$ and make more HP. 

Stainless steel robotic TIG welding

Full Race manifolds are roboticlly Tig welded runners for maximum stregth **LIFE TIME WARRANTY**

full race pro street t3 turbo manifold

T3 Pro Street turbo kit installed on K20

Side mounted turbo allows for longer manifold runners, better turbo position and weight distribution. It also looks quite agressive with or with out an intake.

Full race pro street turbo kit k20 and k24 engine

Full Race K20 dyno graph

This is a Full Race Pro Street turbo kit on stock k20 engine using a GT3076R turbo VS stock K20 supercharged

K20 full race turbo dyno test vs super charged k20

Make Model Years
Acura Integra 1988 - 2006
Acura RSX 2001 - 2006
Honda Civic 1988 - 2013
Honda Civic Si 1988 - 2013

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