AEM Infinity Series 708 Standalone Engine Management System for Porsche 996 Turbo 2001-2005

AEM Infinity Series 708 Standalone Engine Management System for Porsche 996 Turbo 2001-2005

When Porsche introduced the newly redesigned 996 platform they had taken the first big step in breaking away from their heritage. Instead of an air-cooled engine, the engine was now water-cooled. Major upgrades to the suspension design and components meant the Porsche 996 was leaps and bounds faster around the track then it's predecessors. Taking it a step further for the year 2000, Porsche introduced the 996 Turbo. With an AWD layout and a twin turbo 3.8L engine, the 996 Turbo made 415hp from the factory. As the story goes though, such a well handling car is capable of much more. To take advantage of all the 996 Turbo chassis has to offer and all the aftermarket performance parts available you’re going to need a capable engine management system. Enter the AEM Infinity Series 7 EMS. When you pair an AEM Infinity 708 (30-7109) EMS to the AEM Infinity Series 7 Plug and Play Adapter harness for the Porsche 996 Turbo (30-3902) you'll have a plug and play solution for a motorsports level engine management system utilizing the stock ECU plug. *NOTE* The AEM Infinity EMS will only work with manual transmission vehicles.

AEM’s sealed, weatherproof Plug & Play harness includes an AEMnet port for communication with other AEMnet enabled devices and CAN integration of the factory inputs for brake switch, clutch switches, cruise buttons, wheel speed sensors, sport button, coolant fans and A/C. The factory dash remains functional (coolant temp, oil temp, oil pressure, tachometer, dash lights/notifications, boost pressure readout, etc.).

An expansion port with a High Performance DTM-Style 12P connector is included in the Plug & Play Adapter Harness for adding common aftermarket sensors including fuel pressure, air inlet temperature, MAP, boost control solenoid and ethanol content. The expansion port also includes a sensor ground, 5v reference, power from relay and high side output for activating a solenoid, and switched inputs for boost target, no-lift shift, etc.

Full Drive-by-Wire and VarioCam Control
The Infinity ECU for the Porsche 996 provides two Drive-by-Wire profiles and complete control of the engines’ VarioCam variable valve timing system for optimizing mid-range torque. The factory Sport button is used to change DBW throttle curves.

Full Engine Support for Mass Airflow Sensor and More
AEM’s Porsche 996 Infinity ECU supports the stock mass airflow (MAF) sensor and does not require the addition of a MAP sensor for operation. The factory boost solenoid for the 996 Turbo are also supported, as are the factory electronic bypass valves.

The Infinity ECU also provides full support for:

  • Stock charge pressure sensor
  • Engine compartment temp sensor
  • Engine blower fan
  • Stock fuel pumps
  • Dual stock UEGO sensors

Racing Enabled Functions via Configurable Cruise Control Buttons
On the Porsche 996, the Infinity programmable ECU delivers the ability to enable racing functions through the Cruise Control buttons. Using InfinityTuner software, users can now select from 8 modes for boost control maps, fuel maps, timing maps, Lambda target and select maps on the fly using the factory cruise UP (+) and DOWN (-) buttons. AEM incorporated the Infinity’s map switching capability into the factory steering wheel buttons, eliminating the need to wire in and mount an ancillary position switch.

Users can configure the CRUISE CANCEL as a temporary three step limiter switch through the InfinityTuner software (vehicle speed or time after launch dependent), and can set rev limits at specific rpm by points or set a flat limiter and use it as an RPM hold for launches.

Launch anti lag and traction control slip target can also be programmed.

Traction Control
The Porsche 996 Turbo come with wheel speed/ABS sensors from the factory, and the Infinity is able to use them for traction control via fuel cut, spark cut, spark retard or retracting DBW throttle response. This eliminates the need to install additional sensors for traction control.

The CRUISE SET/HOLD can be configured as a traction control enable or disable button through the InfinityTuner software. Users can define a specific slip target for traction control in the software and turn it on or off using this button, or set two slip targets and use it for a mild and aggressive traction control strategy.

User Definable DBW Throttle Response
Using the Sport button, users can define throttle curves in the InfinityTuner DBW software and take full control of throttle response. This allows users to change throttle response rate on the fly and is ideal for setting rain mode throttle curves.

Fits In Factory ECU Location
AEM’s engineers have designed the Infinity ECU and harness to fit in the factory ECU location under the shelf to maintain overall weather resistance of the electronics.

Enhanced Security
Users can configure a number of analog, digital or CAN inputs to enable starting when using the Porsche 996 Infinity ECU and Plug & Play Harness. The supplied base calibration is configured to allow factory like starting with the clutch switch, or by pressing the cruise control enable button to effectively bypass the clutch switch. For added security, users can install a hidden switch to enable starting, and can fully disable the 2D Start Enable table and password protect it, preventing starting until the table is unlocked and re-enabled through password input.


Educate yourself and learn about the AEM Infinity and VE based tuning with these couple helpful videos from AEM!

volumetric efficiency, knock/detonation, Air Fuel Ratio, Porsche 996, VarioCam

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AEM's mission is to design and engineer products that outperform the competition. With over 20 years in the industry, AEM has consistently produced innovative, leading-edge products for the racing community.

The air-bypass valve introduced for their air intake systems, the stand alone programmable ecu that utilizes the factory harness, a gauge with a built-in wideband UEGO controller and gauge readout in one unit...these are just a few of the innovative products they've put out into the market.  

If you are looking for quality, affordable electronics for your vehicle then look no further.

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Porsche 996 2001 - 2005

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