AEM Infinity 3 Series 308 EMS

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AEM Infinity Series 308 EMS

***At the moment the Infinity Series 3 is being unveiled at the 2016 SEMA Show. The Infinity Series 3 will be available for purchase shortly after SEM, please contact us for more details!****

Here at Brewed Motors we not only sell AEM engine managment systems we also use them in all of our shop builds. International customers from the furthest corners of the earth use Brewed Motors tuning services, both live dyno tuning as well as E-tunes with full dyno results. All Brewed Tuning services also come with specialized customer training to teach the ins and outs of the AEM tuner software, providing the customer with the knowledge needed to properly data log and monitor the engine/ems. If you haven't already seen our Datsun 510 build it is also running an AEM Infinity Series EMS

30-7113 30-7114 AEM Infinity Series 308 358 EMS Engine Management System


AEM's Infinity Series 3 Programmable ECU platform is designed for popular early- and late-model throttle body and port injected Ford, GM and Mopar V8s. The Series 3 ECUs are simplified engine controllers designed to run a basic race, marine or crate engine without the need for, or cost of, additional features like variable cam control, Drive-by-Wire throttle control or internal wideband air/fuel sensor controllers. Initial release of the Series 3 includes the Infinity 308 (PN 30-7113) and Infinity 358 (PN 30-7114). Both Infinity Series 3 systems are offered at a special introductory retail price of only $999.00 for as limited time.


The Infinity 308 (PN 30-7113) features two different injector types and two different coil outputs that support three different types of fuel and ignition configurations.

For throttle-body-injected (TBI) and GM multi-port fuel injected V8s the Infinity 308 includes a single direct-drive ignition coil output to work with a distributor and a single coil, and 2 peak hold injector drivers that can drive up to four high-impedance injectors each. Other port injected and single-coil distributed V8 engines like the Ford Windsor can be controlled using the Infinity 308’s 8 high impedance injector divers and single direct-drive coil output.

For the Chevy LS, the Infinity 308 has 8 high impedance injector drivers and 8 “smart” coil outputs to drive a coil-near-plug ignition system.

Infinity 308 MEFI Upgrade

The Infinity 308 is a great upgrade for users looking to replace their older MEFI-4 system. This system also provides users with an upgrade path to sequential port injection and “smart” coil-near-plug ignition. A Plug Play Adapter harness to install an Infinity 308 on engines using MEFI controllers will be available in the near future.


The Infinity 358 (PN 30-7114) is designed to control 2V and 4V Ford Modular engines, late-model Dodge Hemi engines and other late-model, individual direct-drive “dumb” coil V8 engines with port injection using 8 high impedance injectors. Designed for the price conscious racer, the Infinity Series 3 incorporates all of the features necessary to run a high performance engine including airflow-based VE tuning for fuel injection control, ignition control, Flex Fuel, knock control, boost control, nitrous control, launch control, traction control and engine protection. The Series 3 is able to communicate with 3rd party dashes and loggers and is AEMnet CANbus enabled to easily communicate with other AEMnet equipped devices. All maps can be password protected. Its latest generation 200MHz processor can process 400 MIPS (Millions of Instructions Per Second).

Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) feedback is supported by adding external wideband controllers through 0-5V analog inputs or via AEMnet CANbus using AEM’s X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR controllers. An Engine History feature is included that records basic engine operational conditions including Run Time, Peak RPM (overrev), Oil Pressure/Temp Overheat (requires sensors, sold separately) and Lean Condition (Boost/Vacuum vs AFR). All of the parameters of the Engine History feature are user programmable.

Both systems feature a small, thin footprint (7.35” x 6.55” x 1.8”), light weight (29.9oz/848g) and 73-pin connectors. The Infinity Series 3 enclosure is fully sealed and the connectors are IP67 rated (dustproof, waterproof to 1 meter) making the Infinity suitable for engine bay mounting.


AEM offers a flying lead wiring harness for the Infinity Series 3 platform that is 96” in length and pre wired with power, grounds, a power relay, fuse block and AEMnet (PN 30-3707). A Plug Pin kit (PN 30-3708) is also available for the Series 3 that includes a 73-pin connector with cover, 73 small pins, 1 micro relay with pins and 30 sealing plugs. Plug Play adapter harnesses willbe available in the near future for seamless conversions on engines using MEFI controllers.

30-7113 30-7114 AEM Infinity Series 308 358 EMS Engine Management System PLug


Infinity’s airflow model based systems greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to set up and tune an engine by eliminating many of the lookup and trim tables (correction tables) necessary in previous generation ECUs. The Infinity’s airflow based, or volumetric efficiency (VE) based models calculate an engine’s requirements in real time based on an advanced algorithm that has various modes for calculating air flow. Once the user inputs an engine’s basic parameters (displacement, cylinders, ignition type, and firing order) and methods of calculation for airflow and ignition they can begin setting the engine’s VE table in the software.


The Infinity ECU calculates injector pulsewidth in units of 1/10th of a microsecond (0.0000001 second). Individual cylinder fuel trim is included and user adjustable.


InfinityTuner software features a 3D ignition trim map (coolant and air temp based), and its back-end timing code is tested to 100,000 RPM. Individual cylinder ignition trim is included.


Flex fuel compatibility is included, and the Infinity is able to make automatic adjustments for ethanol content in the fuel with the addition of an ethanol content sensor (sold separately).


The Infinity has the ability to run two separate fuel types simultaneously through staged fuel injection.


The Infinity ECU uses a coolant temp based idle control model. It includes an RPM vs. Engine Speed Rate idle decel feature that provides accurate control of the IAC and allows for adjustment of engine braking. The Infinity’s idle TPS offset provides smoother low idle operation when necessary, like driving in the pits or return lane following a pass.


Choose from time, gear, vehicle speed, switch based or other boost control strategies. The Infinity’s boost control includes two 2D base duty tables and two 2D boost target tables. The second tables can be used as a trim, and users can choose from multiple strategies including IAT, MAP, Baro (kpa), throttle %, flex fuel content, boost target and more. Please visit our Forumfor an in depth review of the Infinity’s boost control capabilities.


The Infinity’s software allows you to run a single-stage wet or dry nitrous set up (four-stage available soon). This feature includes nitrous timing delay to account for nitrous bleed out, and can be set up for water/methanol injection tuning. Four stage nitrous will be upgraded for free for existing Infinity users when it becomes available.


The Infinity includes up to four separate ignition maps, four separate Lambda maps and two separate VE maps with independent values. Using AEM’s 12 Position Trim Pot, this powerful feature delivers many valuable tuning options including:

  • Multiple maps for multiple track conditions (practice map, rain map, qualifying map, FTW map)

  • Change boost target

  • Change Lambda target

  • Change ignition target

  • Tie boost, Lambda and ignition targets together and change them all

  • Ideal for test mapping during tuning

  • Change boost base duty

  • Control PWM switches (like water/methanol injection)

  • Choose between 2 VE tables for VVC or when restrictors are in place

  • Blend between flex fuel ignition maps

  • Blend by cam position and gear


Multiple engine protection strategies are incorporated into the Infinity ECU. Available strategies include:

  • MAP (create limp mode using Assumed Pressure Ratio table to compensate for pressure if sensor fails)

  • Overboost (boost fuel cut until boost/throttle decreases)

  • Fuel pressure (injector flow compensated for variations in pressure, sensor required)

  • Oil pressure (trigger light or limit RPM if pressure drops below set value, sensor required)

  • RPM (rev limiter)

  • Coolant temperature, Temp vs. RPM (fuel and ignition cut, sensor required)

  • Knock control with feedback

  • Lean protection (fuel and ignition cut)


The Infinity’s diagnostics software can be configured to constantly monitor signal and current quality to alert the user of a potential issue before it creates the potential for engine damage.


Infinity Series 3 users have the ability to add up to two external wideband air/fuel ratio (AFR) sensor controllers via analog inputs or through AEMnet CANbus using AEM's X-Series Wideband AFR Controllers for closed-loop wideband AFR feedback control.


Dual knock signal conditioning circuits allow for precise measurements of knock levels. The Infinity can utilize both Piezoelectric and Flat Response type knock sensors.


The Infinity ECU is constructed using automotive-rated components designed to withstand the harshest racing environments. Its enclosure and connectors are sealed to make it suitable for engine bay mounting. An advanced wear-leveling strategy for flash memory ensures a lifetime of reliable performance.


The Infinity ECU is able to transfer data via USB at up to 480 Mb/second. It features a fully-sealed IP67 communications connection system.


Infinity is AEMnet enabled and will communicate with other AEMnet-equipped devices. It is able to output to 3rd party dash/logger devices (not all 3rd party dash/logger devices may be supported). Call AEM technical support at (310) 484-2322 for more information.


  • Airflow model based calculations

  • VE-based engine startup

  • Multi-fuel capable

  • Flex fuel compensated – fuel, ignition and boost with blend

  • Multiple boost control strategies (time, gear, vehicle speed, switch and more)

  • 2-step programmable launch control (3-step with Advanced Tuning Package)

  • Programmable traction control, 2-wheel speed or engine acceleration

  • No-lift shift

  • User configurable soft-cut rev limiters

  • User configurable anti-lag

  • Map switching (4 Separate ignition maps, 4 separate Lambda target maps, 2 separate VE tables)

  • Single stage wet or dry nitrous control

  • Integrated engine protection strategies

  • Target Lambda table, 10x10

  • Open-loop fuel pressure compensation

  • O2 lean-out protection

  • 2-channel adaptive knock control

  • Configurable coil dwell (RPM, voltage and load based)

  • Individual cylinder ignition trim (RPM based)

  • Individual cylinder fuel trim (RPM based)

  • 3D ignition trim maps (coolant and air temp)

  • Real-time sensor diagnostics

  • Ignition table, 20x20

  • VE airflow table, map vs. engine speed, 20x20

  • User adjustable charge temperature blend (CLT/AIT, engine speed dependent)

  • Idle control (stepper and pulsewidth)


Use this system with EXTREME caution! The AEM EMS System allows for total flexibility in engine tuning, however misuse of this product can lead to major engine/vehicle damage. If you are not well versed in engine dynamics and the tuning of management systems or are not PC literate, please do not attempt installation/tuning of this product.

NOTE: Brewed Motorsports and AEM hold no responsibility for any engine damage that results from the misuse of this product!

AEM's mission is to design and engineer products that outperform the competition. With over 20 years in the industry, AEM has consistently produced innovative, leading-edge products for the racing community.

The air-bypass valve introduced for their air intake systems, the stand alone programmable ecu that utilizes the factory harness, a gauge with a built-in wideband UEGO controller and gauge readout in one unit...these are just a few of the innovative products they've put out into the market.  

If you are looking for quality, affordable electronics for your vehicle then look no further.

Contact Brewed Motorsports for the best pricing on AEM Performance Electronics!

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