Hondata S300 V3 Plug and Play Engine Management System

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Hondata S300 V3 engine management for OBDI and OBDII D, B, H, F series engines

Here at Brewed Motors we not only sell Hondata ECU's we also use them in many of our Honda shop builds. International customers from the furthest corners of the earth use Brewed Motors for a reliable source to find parts as well as our tuning services, both live dyno tuning as well as E-tunes with full dyno results. When purchasing any Hondata ECU Brewed Motors will supply you with a FREE base map/start up calibration specifically mapped for your engine. Already have a S300? Check out our special offers on Etune and dyno tuning services

Hondata S300 v3 EMS is more powerful than its predecessors. In addition to more robust hardware, there are several improvements over the original S100, S200 and S300. The s300 version 3 is a plug in module to the OBD1 factory Honda Engine Computer (not included) which vastly expands the capabilities of the factory ECU. Forced induction, datalogging, real time programming, Bluetooth and engine protection are but a few of the comprehensive s300 features. Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. (XP, Vista, Windows7) makes the task of copying, viewing and manipulating data as simple as a click of the mouse. Hondata S manager software is infinitely adjustable software and allows tuners to program virtually any combination of engine build.

Contact our sales team for special package deals on ECU's, Fuel injectors and sensors! OR Call us any time. Our team is spread across the globe ready to serve you. 888-290-3213 If we don't answer be sure to leave us a voice mail we WILL call you right back. 

New update: All V3 s300 hondata boards now come standard with Bluetooth communication and a FREE app. to convert your smart phone to a digital full color dash display! This feature means you can now monitor your engine and all its sensors right from your phone all via Bluetooth! 


Hondata s300 V3 ecu for B, D, H, F series Honda engines

Hondata V3 s300 Key Features

  • Ethanol content sensor support
  • Bluetooth for laptop programming/datalogging and mobile datalogging
  • Uses all the factory sensors.
  • CAN output
  • Serial output for dashboards like the AiM MXL and Racepak IQ3
  • 8 analog inputs.(datalogging only)
  • Maps can be password protected by the tuner to prevent unauthorized usage or sharing.
  • Runs on Windows-compatible software.
  • 1 digital inputs.(datalogging only)
  • USB and Bluetooth connection for speed and compatibility
  • Real-time updating of ECU parameters & tables.
  • On board datalogging memory (8 MB memory, 20-240 minutes datalogging) with trigger conditions.
  • Up to 2 EGT inputs with fuel trim.
  • TPS based table lookup for ITBs
  • Up to 5 BAR MAP for Turbo 1000HP+
  • Full idle control.
  • Programmable traction control available.
  • Launch control with anti-lag
  • TAdjustable VTEC window with load and throttle control.
  • User configurable rev limiters.
  • nitrous control.



Always use a professional tuner when working with any Engine Management System. These DO NOT function like the stock ECU and require different tools and knowledge to work with. 

NOTE: Brewed Motorsports and Hondata hold no responsibility for any engine damage that results from the misuse of this product!

Make Model Years
Acura Integra 1988 - 2002
Honda Civic 1988 - 2002
Honda CRX 1986 - 1991

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