Hondata 4 BAR bolt on MAP Sensor

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Hondata 4 Bar MAP sensor 

Brewed Motors is currently using the Hondata 4 bar map sensor on all of our turbo charged or supercharged Honda builds. This is the perfect map sesor for turbo or supercharged applications running up to 4 BAR.The Hondata 4 bar map sensor is a plug compatible replacement for the Honda factory MAP sensor. It is a direct replacement for the B, D, H, F, J and K-series Honda engines. This plug in sensor takes less than 60 seconds to install and eliminates the risk of sensor damage that often occurs when attempting to wire in other types of MAP sensors.

Don't forget to retune after any changes to the MAP sensor, purchase a 4 bar MAP and Injectors get a Free re-tune for your new parts contact our sales team for details and other special offers. or 888-290-3213

Hondata 4 bar map sensor tuning


Make Model Years
0 - 0
Acura Integra 1988 - 2009
Acura NSX 1989 - 2006
Acura RSX 2002 - 2009
Honda Civic 1988 - 2014
Honda Civic Si 1988 - 2014
Honda CRX 1986 - 1991
Honda S2000 1999 - 2013

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