Full Race WRX STi twin scroll turbo kit

Introducing the Full-Race Twin scroll Turbo Kit

FR rotated mount twin scroll turbo kit

Here ate Brewed Motors we have a very close relationship with Full-Race, we are proud to offer their products and stand by them! We even use them on most of our shop builds. The Full-Race engineers have out done them selves with the Gen2 EJ25/EJ20 Twin Scroll turbo kit. The new design provides; More air flow, less weight, fits multiple generation Subaru chassis and most importantly - generate the broadest possible power band with huge area under the curve. Consisting of the necessary turbocharger hot side upgrade components, and utilizing ideal cylinder pairing and the proper implementation of twin scroll technology - Full-Race engineered these kits to offer optimal performance with instant throttle response, early spool and huge top-end power - while being flexible enough to grow with your future needs and changes in driving style. Full-Race recomends using T4 frame turbochargers such as BorgWarner Airwerks, EFR, or Garrett, FP, etc. The S300SX FMW has proven to be an outstanding high power performer on the EJ25 engine. Whether you are road racing, drag racing or building a "street weapon" daily driver, the Full-Race Twin Scroll Turbo Kit is adaptable to suit any chassis and application, now including the popular 08+ STI and 05+ Legacy GT and 11+ STI.inst crack.

full race twin scroll t4 turbo kit sti wrx subaru

Included parts

- Full-Race Subaru WRX/STI Lower Manifold

- Full-Race Subaru WRX/STI T4 Twin Scroll Up-Pipe

- Full-Race Subaru WRX/STI T4 Twin Scroll Downpipe

- Full-Race Subaru WRX/STI T4 Twin Scroll Kit Box (fittings, lines, hardware, etc.)

- Replaces factory manifold, upipe and down pipe

- Full Stainless steel construction

- TIG welded using the latest techinques and technology

We are here to help!​  

Finding the right turbo kit is not an easy task, there are hundreds of options that all play a huge roll in how the complete kit performs. Here at Brewed Motors we are happy to discuss the finer details of each individual build to ensure a perfectly matched turbo kit. 

Make Model Years
Subaru WRX Sti 2002 - 2014

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