EFR 6758 Borg Warner Billet Ti turbo

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Introducing the Borg Warner 6758 EFR series Dual ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo...

Borg Warner EFR 6758 turbo

The All New ERF 6758 dual ball bearing turbo with ultra high flow compressor and Ti turbine wheel is now available to the public. These new EFR series turbos have a revolutionary Titanium alloy shaft and turbine wheel resulting in un matched spool and responce.

EFR 6758 is a versatile turbocharger with very efficient compressor as seen in the map width (x axis) for outstanding power potential even at high boost. This is the perfect turbocharger for motorsports such as: autocross, rally, drift, road racing and time attack. Of course this is also a great match for street driven applications. The EFR 6758 turbo uses a 67mm OD compressor with a 53.9mm inducer to support an outstanding 49lb/min max flow rate. The low inertia 58mm Gamma-Ti turbine wheel is the perfect match for the FMW compressor wheel. EFR 6758 uses the smallest-sized EFR compressor housing, fitting in the tightest engine bays particularly twin turbo V6 or V8 applications. In twinscroll T4 configuration, the 6758 delivers mindblowing fast spool and response while working well on stock as well as modified engines. Ideal in single turbo applications for the 300-490hp, or as twin turbo applications 550-980+hp. Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing center section, watercooling recommended. Now available in almost any hybrid combination imagionalbe Brewed Motors would like to work with you directly to ensure the best possible turbo selection for your aplication, HP goals and budget. There are many variables to keep in mind when choosing or building a custom turbocharger, we are not here to tell you what to do but we are happy to share our knowledge and experience. 

** Please contact Brewed for turbine housing options and pricing. Of course we also offer full turbo kits and "packages" that can save some extra $$$ just ask us!

Some early testing on EFR series turbos

Ka24 EFR6258, Brewed tuned AEM EMS 


Borg-Warner has been a pioneer in the automotive industry since 1928 and has 60 manufacturing facilities across 18 countries. They are an OEM-supplier for many of the world's auto manufacturers and their turbo products are widely used in motorsports.

If you are looking for a Borg-Warner turbo for your vehicle, contact us at Brewed Motorsports.

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