VE BMW E36 & E30 symmetrical Angle kit

Sale VE BMW E36 & E30 symmetrical Angle kit
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Velocity Element BMW Symmetrical steering angle kit 

The VE angle kit installs with ease and works great with E30, E36 steering racks and inner/outer tie rods when combined with either extended lower control arms or the ever popular E46 front lower control arms. Drastically increasing streering angle lock to lock without the need to "re-center" the rack. Want to add caster adjustment? **Ask about the VE caster adjustment options for the rear front lower control arm bushings.**

Works great with stock or modified steering knuckles by evenly spacing both inner tie rods out while allowing the rack to travel an additional 13mm each direction. This is truly a budget friendly way to get more angle and re use your OEM parts!

We recently installed the VE Symmetrical angle kit on our shop missile E30 along with extending the front lower control arms 1.5 inches. The result is massive angle lock to lock and almost no "camber lift" even at full lock. After hours of testing in our E30 we are happy to say the VE angle kit won't let you down. 

VE BMW 3 series angle kit

  • Billet steel or Stainless steel  
  • Full CnC construction 
  • Easy install
  • Works with E46 lower control arms
  • Increases steering angle 
  • Works with E30 and E36 steering rack
  • Works with E30 and E36 Inner and outer tie rods *extended or E46 lower control arms recommended.*

Please contact us any time with questions or special requests, we are here to support you and your build every step of the way. or call us at 888-290-3213  

Velocity Element specializes in custom engineering and fabrication for racing applications. Velocity Element has introduced a special selection of parts that were developed for the circuit so now you can get VE performance at a fraction of the cost of a one-off custom job. 

Brewed Motorsports is proud to carry the full Velocity Element product line. Not only do we use the VE parts on all or our shop cars but we also offer the lowest pricing guaranteed. 

Make Model Years
BMW E30 1984 - 1991
BMW E36 1992 - 1999

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