AEM CD7-L Digital Dash Display with Datalogger and Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM)

AEM CD7-L Digital Dash Display with Datalogger and Vehichle Dynamics Module (VDM)

SEMA 2016 saw a lot of great new products being released. One of those products we are incredibly excited to finally see available is the AEM Electronics CD7-L Digital Dash Display with Datalogger and Vehicle Dynamics Module (30-5503). AEM did not compromise devolping their digital dash's and took their time to develop a dash that would be just as capable as some of the other digital dash offerings available today at a fraction of the price. Just because AEM was able to develop an affordable digital dash does not mean they skimped on features or functionality.

30-5501 AEM Electronics CD7-L Digital Dash Display with Datalogger

The CD7 Digital Dash has been encased in a water resistant aluminum enclosure. The LCD display is fully readable even in direct sunlight. This means that no matter where you race, you’ll know your digital dash won’t get damaged and you will always be able to clearly view the display without fighting glare. Both versions of the dash have 6 user configurable pages and the layouts on every page are 100% customizable to your needs. To make customization simple AEM has developed an easy to use Dash Design software to make adding graphic or custom text very straightforward. Another key feature are the fully configurable warnings, to ensure you catch any problem/failure before catastrophic damage to engine components occurs. Besides the LCD the CD7 uses programmable LED shift and warning lights with adjustable brightness for day and night time driving. The dash kits also have 2x user definable CANbus inputs so you can feed data to the dash from any third party logger system as well as your engine management system. To expand even further by adding the AEM Vehicle Dynamics Module (PN 30-2203) to the digital dash you get the ability to add GPS Speed, accelerometer, gyrometer, and track mapping for live lap and sector time updates. The CD7 dash kits are truly the ultimate display and logging tool to making sure you're pushing it as hard as possible around the track! Internal data logging support with all CD7-L dash kits, the CD7-L features a built in data logger. With the CD7-L you get the added ability to data log all channels being sent to the dash at a rate of 100hz with a 200mb internal storage. That means you'll be able to data log over 100 channels without any degradation to the data.

30-2203 AEM Electronics Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM)


- 7” display has an ultra-high resolution screen for visibility in all conditions.
- Available in non-logging or built-in datalogger
- Included templates make setup easy - just assign channels to the gauges on the screen using AEM’s free setup software or design your own template
- Combine with AEM’s Vehicle Dynamics Module to add live lap and sector time updates
- Accepts channels through AEMnet
- Users can program 4 switchable screens and cycle through them using buttons on the dash
- Display defaults to warning screen when user programmable alarm conditions are activated
- 7 bright LED shift lights
- 2 bright LED warning lights


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Digital Dash Options:

PN 30-5500 - AEM Electronics CD7 Digital Dash
PN 30-5502 - AEM Electronics CD7 Digital Dash, w/ Vehicle Dynamics Module
PN 30-5501 - AEM Electronics CD7-L Digital Dash w/ built in datalogger
PN 30-5503 - AEM Electronics CD7-L Digital Dash w/ built in datalogger, w/ Vehicle Dynamics Module

AEM's mission is to design and engineer products that outperform the competition. With over 20 years in the industry, AEM has consistently produced innovative, leading-edge products for the racing community.

The air-bypass valve introduced for their air intake systems, the stand alone programmable ecu that utilizes the factory harness, a gauge with a built-in wideband UEGO controller and gauge readout in one unit...these are just a few of the innovative products they've put out into the market.  

If you are looking for quality, affordable electronics for your vehicle then look no further.

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