AEM EMS-4 Plug and Play Harness

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These are harnesses for the use of AEM's EMS-4 unit in the Honda Civic EF 1988-1991. When ordering please specify what engine is being used, B/D/F/H/K series and whether manual or automatic transmission.

  • The EMS-4 has full control of fuel and ignition timing.
  • Some vehicles may need an aftermarket crank/cam angle disc.
  • The EMS-4 has full control of fuel and ignition timing.
  • The factory ECU remains in place to control dash gauges, air conditioning, drive-by-wire throttle systems, and other amenities.
  • Built with USB connector wired in and ready for tuning with your laptop.
  • The factory check engine light is controlled by the EMS-4 if possible, unless otherwise requested
  • Fully plug and play. Easy to install. Easy to uninstall.
  • We fabricate the sub-harnesses. No cores needed.
  • Saves time, hard-wiring costs, and your factory wire harness.
Make Model Years
Acura Integra 1988 - 1991
Honda Civic 1988 - 1991
Honda CRX 1988 - 1991

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