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Posted by in Brewed News on Oct 14, 2013 .

For those of you who have had the pleasure of sliding a properly set up drift car in a safe environment you will understand. For those who have never had the opportunity or have simply never given drifting a fare chance, we hope after this quick read you’ll go plant your ass in a “Skid racer” and enjoy some over steer. Ever since drifting blew up in the western world, there have been lovers and haters; the strange thing is you never meet a hater that has actually had the chance to drive/slide in a decently prepared car.  Seems to us that is like a virgin deciding sex just isn't for them before they ever even give it a go… Got to...

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Here are Brewed Motorsports we don't have customers, we have an extend automotive family AKA a "Crew". We pride ourselves in getting to personally know each and every driver we work with as well as their projects.

DJ aka djelly84 (on the forums) is not your ordinary enthusiast, going above and beyond what most only dream of, DJ simply couldn't be held within the confines for what most would consider a "socially acceptable drift car". Over the past few years the Driftaru has developed into a fully built competion level machine. From the early days of a stock EJ20 tuned on the factory ECU RWD conversion and 3 passengers sliding...

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Over the last 3 months a handful of Brewed employee's have been hard at work on an extra special project for an extra special customer racing a Honda DC5 in multiple Asian touring car series's. Late August Brewed was contacted by Buddy Club Thailand in Bangkok. Buddy Club's request was simple; it was time to get competitive in the Thailand Super 2000 touring car series.

By the time the Buddy Club dc5 graced the presents of the first brewed employee its condition was a far cry from its glorious days of international racing with Buddy Club.
(The history of this car is a bit foggy at best but I would like to share everything we were...

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Anti lag has become a great option for eliminating turbo lag on any turbocharged car in all forms of motorsports. We here at Brewed Motorsports uses ALS in every last one of our  turbocharged engines. Drag racer applications use anti lag to make power when they launch the car, rally cars use another form of anti lag to keep the turbo spooled while lifting off the throttle and now even drift cars are using a “rally style” anti lag option.  Most aftermarket ECU’s as well as factory ECU tuning options are now available with a simple drag style anti lag.

***Brewed Motors highly recommends the use of a Tial wastegate when using "rally...

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Here at Brewed Motors we take pride building close relationships with all of our customers. Whether you are ordering parts, getting your cars ECU / EMS tuned or need our experienced team at your next track event to ensure your car's suspension, brakes and engine are operating at peak efficiency Brewed Motors has you covered. Always feel free to contact us any time with questions and requests, we are here to make your automotive dreams come true on the track, the street and in your drive way.

Recently a 3 car race team based in Bangkok requested our Track Support service for this seasons 1.5L circuit race series. The team consists...

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Here are Brewed Motorsports we love to hear from our customers. We pride ourselves in getting to personally know each and every driver as well as their projects.

Chad Lampano AKA (cxlumpy) on the forums is a fellow sliding enthusiast we were lucky enough to meet AND drive with down in Phoenix AZ at the “monthly” Drift and Drag events held at Fire bird international race way. We recently caught up with him to ask a few questions about what keeps him involved in the automotive scene we all love.

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Thailand is home to a very unique “tuner” scene, with an endless supply of JDM engines and parts available every swap you can imagine happens  in this great land. 2jz powered big body VIP Benz and Bimmers, 1uz American muscle cars, SR20det Miata’s to name just a few.

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The streets of Long Beach has been the first location for the season opener for Formula D since its inception, and the location couldn't be better to showcase the new cars and talent for 2012. The ocean air mixed with unmistakable smell of burnt rubber will never grow old and always gets the blood pumping. But enough chitchat, all we really care about is the awesomess that took place there. Enjoy!