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Here at Brewed Motors we take pride building close relationships with all of our customers. Whether you are ordering parts, getting your cars ECU / EMS tuned or need our experienced team at your next track event to ensure your car's suspension, brakes and engine are operating at peak efficiency Brewed Motors has you covered. Always...

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Here are Brewed Motorsports we love to hear from our customers. We pride ourselves in getting to personally know each and every driver as well as their projects.

Chad Lampano AKA (cxlumpy) on the forums is a fellow sliding enthusiast we were lucky enough to meet AND drive with down in Phoenix AZ at the “monthly” Drift and Drag events held at Fire bird international race way. We recently caught up with him to ask a few questions about what keeps him involved in the automotive scene we all love.

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Thailand is home to a very unique “tuner” scene, with an endless supply of JDM engines and parts available every swap you can imagine happens  in this great land. 2jz powered big body VIP Benz and Bimmers, 1uz American muscle cars, SR20det Miata’s to name just a few.

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The streets of Long Beach has been the first location for the season opener for Formula D since its inception, and the location couldn't be better to showcase the new cars and talent for 2012. The ocean air mixed with unmistakable smell of burnt rubber will never grow old and always gets the blood pumping. But enough chitchat, all we really care about is the awesomess that took place there. Enjoy!

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With ever expanding horizons we are constantly finding ourselves in different corners of the world, yet some how no matter where we end up there is always something familiar...

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Hondata S300 v3 wide band O2 sensor wiring and set up instructions.

The Hondata S300 has proven to be one of the best “bang for the buck” EMS options for the D, B and H series engines. With the ability to fully control every engine parameter, as well as program in new outputs such as boost control and nitrous, the S300 is a...

We have been driving our Nissan 240SX on some Low Impedance Mitsubishi EVO 550cc injectors and running the car on low boost (wastegate spring pressure at 12psi) on a totally stock KA24E motor for some time now. Earlier this summer the KA24E was rebuilt with new pistons and headwork to see how much we could crank out of a motor long...

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Soo what better thing to do to unwind after a 14 hour journey from Eureka, CA to Los Angeles than attend the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach. The amount of clean classics at the show was like nothing I had seen before. It made me wish that I had the Datsun 510, maybe next year though! Anyway here are some of the more memorable rides from the show. Enjoy!

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Well the summer in Montana has come and is quickly on its way out. Although we will be back to enjoy the winter it was time to get the Nissan 240sx KA24-T drift car down to a suitable environment in order to keep doing what it was built to do. The trip south began the beginning of September. The goal was to make it to Seattle, WA and...

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Here at Brewed we believe having fun with your car is of the up most importance! While drifting is not for everyone, if you've never had the opportunity to hop into a well prepped car and slide around in a safe environment with some friends we truly hope to see you at an event very soon so we can be the first to share the experience with you.

The Brewed Built S13 really has only one purpose, to paint a smile on the drivers and passengers face no matter what the conditions out side may be. With simplicity and reliability a top priority for this build the car will simply never let you down.