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Posted by in Tech, Brewed Projects on Jun 17, 2015 .
AEM smart coils/LSx coils on Apexi Power FC

Using the AEM smart coils as a replacment for your stock oem coils is a GREAT option for many Power FC users. Nissan SR20det and RB20, RB25, RB26 can all easily be swapped to the AEM smart coils for a MUCH hotter spark resulting in crisp throttle response, a better over all burn and...

Posted by in Tech, Brewed Projects on Mar 24, 2015 .
Why do you need to Sync your timing?

Syncing the ignition timing when using and AEM is a key step in the start up process. Using a timing light to check physical timing at the engine matches the timing value displayed in the AEM tuner software will ensure the timing #s in the map and in the data logs are 100% accurate. 


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Nissan RB powered BMW E36 street machine

We like to joke about our addiction to the automobile and internal combustion engines. Something about the sounds, smells and moving at high speeds (straight or sideways) gets the adrenaline flowing in just the right way. Unfortunately driving a purpose built track car on the street does not...

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Brewed Motorsports Project Car - 1972 Datsun 510

The Datsun 510 has been an ongoing project for over 6 years now and it never gets old! Currently the car is back under the knife for bigger and better things to come in 2015, stay tuned!

The 2015 upgrade list:

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Well it's certainly that time again, that time where we get a nice little unexpected chunk of change from good ol Uncle Sam, if we worked hard the year prior that is! From now until the end of April we will have tax return sales happening for all the good stuff you have on that parts list.

To start things off we are offering a...

Posted by in Brew Crew on Nov 22, 2013 .

Some great shots from our overseas customers' C6 Corvette. This car terrorizes tires and can be seen cruising around New Caledonia. The Vette is making some serious power thanks to a Whipple Supercharger, ID 2000cc injectors, Kelford Cam and a set of Lingenfelter heads. The wheel and tire combo is just as menacing. Black CCW SP550...

Posted by in Brewed News on Oct 14, 2013 .

For those of you who have had the pleasure of sliding a properly set up drift car in a safe environment you will understand. For those who have never had the opportunity or have simply never given drifting a fare chance, we hope after this quick read you’ll go plant your ass in a “Skid racer” and enjoy some over steer. Ever...

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Here are Brewed Motorsports we don't have customers, we have an extend automotive family AKA a "Crew". We pride ourselves in getting to personally know each and every driver we work with as well as their projects.

DJ aka djelly84 (on the forums) is not your ordinary enthusiast, going above and beyond what most only dream...

Posted by in Brewed News on Nov 01, 2012 .

Over the last 3 months a handful of Brewed employee's have been hard at work on an extra special project for an extra special customer racing a Honda DC5 in multiple Asian touring car series's. Late August Brewed was contacted by Buddy Club Thailand in Bangkok. Buddy Club's request was simple; it was time to get competitive in the...

Posted by in Tech on Jul 12, 2012 .

Anti lag has become a great option for eliminating turbo lag on any turbocharged car in all forms of motorsports. We here at Brewed Motorsports uses ALS in every last one of our  turbocharged engines. Drag racer applications use anti lag to make power when they launch the car, rally cars use another form of anti lag to keep the turbo...