Subaru Flex Fuel tuning Cobb Access Port

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V3 AccessPort Flex-Fuel support Subaru wrx/sti

Available NOW contact 888-290-3213 or for Special prices and HUGE discounts on Pro Tunes and E85 hardware including: Injectors, fuel pumps, fuel rails and more. 

The Cobb Accessport has proven to be a powerful, flexible, and easy to use ECU tuning option the Subaru community. After years of development Cobb has announced Flex Fuel support for Subaru WRX and STI. This means you can now safely run any blend of ethanol/gasoline and your ECU will know exactly how to handle the blended fuel. In the past we would normally use 2 different maps; 1 map for gasoline and 1 map for E85. While this works well it does not allow for any "blending" of the gasonline/Ethanol. Using the Flex Fuel kit with Ethanol content and fuel pressure sensors you can now simply use 1 Flex fuel calibration for any gasonline/ethanol blend resulting in more HP and Torque along with un matched reliability. Now that you can safely top off your fuel tank with whatever fuel is available you will never need to stress about which gas station you need to stop at again. 

Check out the Cobb tuning Flex Fuel plug and play Subaru kit for a full list of parts and special offers on your Flex fuel Pro-Tune. Don't forget to ask us how you can save big with special package deals! 

cobb flex fuel system Subaru sti wrx

Brewed Motors supports Cobb Flex Fuel through our normal Tuning service as well as our E-Tune services popular for those customers in remote locations who don't have access to a professional tuner. Fine tuning all of the maps related to "Flex Fuel" is the only way to ensure your engine is running at peak efficiency on all blends of Ethanol/Gasoline. Email or call us at 888-290-3213 any time with questions or requests.

cobb flex fuel subaru display

Why Do you need Flex Fuel or Ethanol?

Compared to standard pump fuel, the higher ethanol content in ethanol blends such as E85 provide a substantially higher effective octane rating. The octane rating of a fuel indicates it’s ability to resist detonation. This added resistance allows tuning to be more aggressive through timing and boost, yielding greater horsepower/torque output. These factors combined make for a ethanol/gasoline fuel blend with more power potential over the standard pump gasoline. With an active Flex Fuel system, a vehicle’s ECU is able to seamlessly blend calibrations required for any blend of Ethanol/gasoline. Using an ethanol content sensor and fuel pressure sensor the ecu can see the exact ethanol/gasonline blend (displayed as % via AP) as well as fuel pressure. Both these bits of data are extremely helpful to the tuner as well as the ECU's ability to run in "closed loop" system, based on the 2 new fuel system sensors readings.

Easy installation, complete plug and play kit:

  • Connects to your vehicle stock mounting point
  • Pre fit fuel lines with OEM style quick connects 
  • Pre loomed wire harness for trouble free install 
  • Pre-calibrated to maximize performance of stock or modified vehicles **don't forget to ask about a Brewed Motors Pro tune to unlock even more power
  • -Easy-to-read color display of Ethanol content on AP v3

UPDATE **As of May 2017, Cobb has released the plug and play flex fuel kits for the GD Chassis Subaru WRX and STi. The flex fuel kits are available with just the flex fuel sensor or can also be purchased with a fuel pressure sensor for additional safety parameters to be added to make your vehicle that much more reliable. Links to the Flex-Fuel kits for the GD Chassis can be found below. 

- COBB Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit GD 2007 Subaru STi
- COBB Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit GD Subaru WRX 2004-2007, STi 2004-2006
- COBB Flex Fuel Package with Fuel Pressure Sensor GD Subaru STi 2007
- COBB Flex Fuel Package with Fuel Pressure Sensor GD Subaru WRX 2004-2007, STi 2004-2006
- COBB Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit GD Subaru WRX 2004-2007, STi 2004-2006


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