Power FC Coil Dwell settings LS1, LS2 AEM smart coil swap

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AEM smart coils/LSx coils on Apexi Power FC

Using the AEM smart coils as a replacment for your stock oem coils is a GREAT option for many Power FC users. Nissan SR20det and RB20, RB25, RB26 can all easily be swapped to the AEM smart coils for a MUCH hotter spark resulting in crisp throttle response, a better over all burn and higher power without ever blowing out spark even at 30+ PSI of boost. For those of you on an extra tight budget you can also use LS1, LS2 and LS7 coils which can be found on ebay or in the scrap yards for roughly 80% the cost of NEW AEM smart coils. Keep in mind used coils are not always the best option and spending a bit more on new coils can save a time and $ in the long run.

power fc datalogit tuning for LS2 coils

Tuning Ignition Dwell Power FC LSx/AEM coils

Brewed Motors uses the Datalogit tuning software and cable for all Power FC tunes. Setting up the Coil Dwell for aftermarket ignition coils can be a bit tricky as the PFC/Datalogit displays Dwell in Crank angle (not miliseconds) as most EMS do. If you have any questions or concers about what settings you need for your Power FC contact us anytime. tuning@brewedmotorsports.com or 888-290-3213

​For complete Power FC tuning services: http://brewedmotors.com/brewed-products/power-FC-tune-datalogit-tuning

**For those that would like to do their own math here is the forumula you can use to convert ms. to crank angle. Simply plug in your coil Dwell time and solve for X.

 T=X / (.006)rpm Or [(.006)rpm]T=X

  • T = Coil dwell Time in Milisec
  • X = Crank angle 

PLEASE SHARE this page/link **DO NOT copy and paste the formula** 

power FC tuning with datalogit


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