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Nissan SR20DET Dual Guide Shim Rocker Arm Conversion, Brian Crower Springs and Retainers and Tomei PonCam Install

The SR20DET is a formidable engine. With it's 2.0 liters of displacement coming turbocharged from the factory, it's earned it's place in automotive history. As people have pushed the SR20 to its limits, weak points in the engine's design have shown themselves and some of those weaknesses have proven to be remedied.

One of the biggest weaknesses the SR20 has is the valve train design. Surely the engineers at Nissan never anticipated the SR20 would turn into what it has, being the go to engine swap for drifters and...

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AEM Infinity 506 and 508h Plug n Play S2000 F20 and F22

When Honda built the S2000 they did more than a few things right and provided a great platform to expand upon. One of the greatest features of the S2000 has to be the F series engines, IE: F20 and F22. Honda built these engines to make reliable power from 5000-9000rpm. While both engines produce over 200hp from the factory and pull hard all the way to redline (8500rpm for the F22 and 9000rpm for the F20) the high strung NA engine’s power band does leave the driver craving for more.

One of my personal favorite engines/cars to tune has to be a turbo S2000 or turbo F series...

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AEM Infinity 506 Plug & Play Individual Cylinder Knock Control

The 2jz has proven to be one of the most reliable and “easy to make power” engine platforms ever built. With a stock bottom end that will hold over 1000hp and plenty of affordable aftermarket parts the JZ series engines are a great “bang for the buck”.

With the release of the Infinity 6 or 506 series engine management system at only ~$1300-$1400 retail many JZ owners have been on the hunt for a good plug and play 2jz to Infinity 6 adapter harness. With Plug and Play Infinity harness options from Velocity Element starting at only $497 a full Infinity ems and...

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What is Etuning and does it work?

Etune or Etuning: to create a custom ECU/EMS calibration/map for an engine/car through the internet (from a remote location). This process usually requires datalogs to be sent through email to the tuner who will review said datalogs and email an updated calibration/map back to the customer/car.

Why Etune?

Etuning has opened up opportunities for people in remote locations without any trusted local “tuner”. Brewed Etunes are a safe, reliable way to get your car professionally tuned no matter where you live. Over the past 7 years Etuning has become increasing popular with both our...

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Why do you need to Sync your timing?

Syncing the ignition timing when using an AEM Infinity ems is a key step in the start up process. Using a timing light to check the physical timing at the engine matches the timing value displayed in the Infinity-tuner software will ensure the timing #s in the map and in the data logs are 100% accurate. 

This YouTube video will walk you through the step by step process of syncing/tuning the ignition timing. If you need more help getting your Infinity ECU set up, custom Base Map or your current tune dialed in check out E-tune options and feel free to contact us any time. Don't have an AEM ems? No...

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Drag style Anti Lag & No Lift Shift aka NLS

Brewed Motors specializes in ECU Tuning including Anti Lag and NLS contact 888-290-3213 or for Track support and ECU tuning/E-tuning

If you have ever driven a car with a turbocharged engine you understand the concept of “Turbo Lag”. Turbo lag becomes even more prevalent on small displacement engines using large turbo chargers to make big HP: VR38, 2JZ, RB26, K20, 4B11, B18, 4G63 are all regularly used with 67mm+ turbochargers to make 1000+ HP. The trick to making power is getting that big turbo spooled up (making target boost) and hold it there throughout an...

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V3 AccessPort Flex-Fuel support Subaru wrx/sti

Available NOW contact 888-290-3213 or for Special prices and HUGE discounts on Pro Tunes and E85 hardware including: Injectors, fuel pumps, fuel rails and more. 

The Cobb Accessport has proven to be a powerful, flexible, and easy to use ECU tuning option the Subaru community. After years of development Cobb has announced Flex Fuel support for Subaru WRX and STI. This means you can now safely run any blend of ethanol/gasoline and your ECU will know exactly how to handle the blended fuel. In the past we would normally use 2 different maps; 1 map for gasoline...

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Nismo RB26 GT-R and GTX35 S15 Tuning Trip in Seoul

South Korea is a very interesting place with a booming “pop culture” and a young population that loves to express itself through a variety of styles, hobbies, sports, arts, etc. For some this may come as a bit of a surprise but among these social clicks lies a diehard group of gear heads and motorsports fanatics that build and modify USDM, JDM, EUDM and of course KDM vehicles alike. 

While living in Seoul back in 2010-11 I met a Mr. Kim (owner Pro-Concept Korea) through snowboarding of all things. We got to talking and long story short I quickly learned his power FC had been...