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Variable Cam Profile Fuel Map Tuning

Here is a good example of a fuel map with a huge spike and VERY tight RPM scaling. This is how a secondary cam lobe (low/high cam, VTEC, VVL, etc.) fuel map looks when matched with a roots type/twin screw super charger that creates full boost at any RPM. Normally the high cam transition area looks much smoother in a fuel map but the air flow from the SC changes that. You can also see how much boost drops when the engine switches cam profiles. While switching to the "high cam" at a lower rpm will move more air through the engine (thanks to the SC/cam profile) the power will not increase due to lack...

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An Introduction to Motec Electronics, Setup and Tuning Benefits

For about 30 years, fuel injection has been on an unstoppable journey towards the replacement of the now obsolete carburetor. As the years went by and the benefits of electronic fuel injection became clear, there has been an emergence of manufacturers providing electronic control units of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities. These manufacturers have done everything they can to make calibrating an engine as easy and complete as possible sometimes succeeding, sometimes not.

While there are several companies that supply the hardware and software to tune an engine, in most...

Nissan SR20DET Dual Guide Shim Rocker Arm Conversion, Brian Crower Springs and Retainers and Tomei PonCam Install

The SR20DET is a formidable engine. With it's 2.0 liters of displacement coming turbocharged from the factory, it's earned it's place in automotive history. As people have pushed the SR20 to its limits, weak points in the engine's design have shown themselves and some of those weaknesses have proven to be remedied.

One of the biggest weaknesses the SR20 has is the valve train design. Surely the engineers at Nissan never anticipated the SR20 would turn into what it has, being the go to engine swap for drifters and...

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AEM Infinity 506 and 508h Plug n Play S2000 F20 and F22

When Honda built the S2000 they did more than a few things right and provided a great platform to expand upon. One of the greatest features of the S2000 has to be the F series engines, IE: F20 and F22. Honda built these engines to make reliable power from 5000-9000rpm. While both engines produce over 200hp from the factory and pull hard all the way to redline (8500rpm for the F22 and 9000rpm for the F20) the high strung NA engine’s power band does leave the driver craving for more.

One of my personal favorite engines/cars to tune has to be a turbo S2000 or turbo F series...

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AEM Electronics CD7 / CD7-L Full Color 7" Digital Dashes Now Available AEM Digital Dashes ON SALE NOW!

SEMA 2016 saw a lot of great new products being released. One of those products we are incredibly excited to finally see available is the AEM Electronics CD7 Digital Dash Displays. AEM did not compromise developing their digital dash's and took their time to develop a dash that would be as capable as some of the other digital dash offerings available today at a fraction of the price. Just because AEM was able to develop an affordable digital dash does not mean they skimped on features or functionality. In fact they've managed to...

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AEM Electronics SEMA 2016 New Product Highlights

With SEMA 2016 coming to a close, the aftermarket automotive scene once again feels reinvigorated with new parts and idea. After seeing all of the new product development from lots of amazing manufacturers out there we are already game planning how we can help our customers projects take that next step and also setup our own project cars with that much more precision or technical capability we can get from a lot of the new parts shown at SEMA. One company we are very excited about seeing their new products is AEM Electronics. We have been working with AEM for about 10 years now and every...

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Radium Engineering Product Spotlight: Mitsubishi EVO X

8 year ago MItsubishi fans were heart broken with the news that Mitsubishi was to discontinue manufacturing the potent 4G63. The 4G63 had seen its fair share of production and proved itself to be incredibly capable, however, going on almost 20 years, it was time that Mitsubishi brought a new engine to the market. Most enthusiasts claimed the new 4B11 engine that came with the new Mitsubishi EVO X was not going to be as capable as the 4G63, primarily because of it's aluminum block. As time has passed though, we have come to realize the 4B11 is also a great engine with many...

Porsche AEM Infinity Plug n Play Engine Management Systems

With the development of the Infinity EMS, AEM Electronics threw every possible feature they could into their new engine management system. AEM developed one of the fastest processing high-end motorsports capable systems available today. The AEM Infinity EMS' have proven themselves to be incredibly capable standalone engine management systems throughout a variety of racing: drag, drift, rally, circuit, off-road, marine applications and of course weekend warriors. There are engines across the world equipped with Infinity EMS's winning races every weekend, isn't it about time you...