Supertech Nissan RB26 Valve Stem Seal

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Supertech Valve stem seals GT-R RB26 

VS-N6I+VS-N7E - Nissan RB26DETT

The RB26 has proven to be a one of the best Japanese performance engines ever produced. While the engine can make great power in stock form, with a little tuning and valve train modifications the RB26 will spin up to 9000rpm and make great power all the way to redline. The stock Nissan valve springs are ok for the stock cams and lower rev limit but if your installing aftermarket cams and or intend to increase the Rev limit over 8000rpm upgraded springs and retainers are a must.

Supertech stem seals take heat better than OEM seals and help keep engine oil out of the guide and combustion chamber. Specail material helps prevent glazing and hardening of the seal to ensure long life.

This is a full kit (24 valve stem seals). If you are not sure what valve guides/valves you need or are already using for your build be sure to contact us before you order. We have a range of spring and Ti retainer kits to meet every RB26's requirements from street to race. For extreme applications we also offer over sized valves as well as Inconel alloy exhaust valves (key for EXTREME exhaust temps). 

supertech valve stem seals ​​

Contact us any time with special requests or questions, we are here to support your build and are always happy to share information and help save you $$$. Call or email 888-290-3213 or you call be sure to leave a voice mail as we are often in the shop away from the phone)

Supertech is the leader in performance valves and valve train components providing strong, light weight and reliable engine parts for everything from NA cicuit cars to full blown Nitromethane blown V8's. With multiple alloys available as well as sizes and design Supertech has the right valves and valve train parts for your next engine build. 

supertech valve types and alloys 

Make Model Years
Nissan Skyline 1989 - 2004
Nissan Skyline GT-R 1989 - 2004

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