Precision Turbo Billet 6266 CEA Journal or Ceramic Ball Bearing

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Precision 6266 turbo CEA Ceramic ball bearing or 360 deg journal bearing

If you're looking for a fast spooling turbo that can still make a huge top end power, the PT6266 CEA® is perfect for you. With a variety of housing options on both the compressor and turbine sides, Brewed Motors will put together the perfect turbo for your vehicle. Featuring PTE revolutionary CEA® compressor wheel technology, this turbo offers excellent performance in an easy-to-manage size that fits even the tightest engine bays.

Precision billet pte5858 turbocharger

PTE 6266 CEA features:

  • 62mm Exclusive CEA® (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) compressor wheel machined from a 2618-aluminum forging.
  • "Ported S" compressor cover 4.0" inlet/2.5" outlet
  • Exclusive CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) 66mm, 76 trim turbine wheel
  • Available with either a Hydrodynamic 360° thrust bearing system or an air-cooled, dual ceramic ball-bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA)
  • Turbine Housings avialble in T3, T4, V band and Twin scroll aka twin entry T4

Helping our customers find the best turbocharger for their engine and driving habits is Brewed Motors specialty. Whether your running 6 sec quarter miles with two 72mm turbo or rally racing through the dirt with a 53mm turbo we are here to ensure you end up with the perfect match. 


Precision Turbo & Engine is one of the leading manufacturers of high performance turbos. Founded in 1987, PTE has designed, tested and manufactured high performance turbochargers, wastegates, heat exchangers, and fuel injectors for a variety of racing and OEM applications.

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