BC Stage 2 Camshaft BC0205

Stage 2 Street/Strip Specifications

BC street spec camshafts are designed for easy plug and play application. The BC0205 boasts short duration for nice street manners and slight lope at idle for an excellent all-purpose use.

  • BC0205 is designed for use with the Nissan S14, S15 (SR20DET VTC, Black Top)
  • Adv. Dur.: 264°/264°
  • Dur @ .050: 216°/216°
  • Lift (in): 475"/.475"
  • Lift (mm): 12.06/12.06
  • Rocker Ratio: 1.57:1
  • OEM spring OK – However BC highly recommend its BC0200 spring/retainer kit to counter possible coil bind issues with OEM spring.

The BC0205 fits the SR20DET engine that debuted in the Nissan S14 Silvia in 1993, it was also used in the S15, which feature a 6 speed transmission instead of the 5 speed used in previous models. The revised SR20DET engine featured a larger turbo charger and variable timing camshaft (VTC). The variable timing cam of the S14 and S15 SR20DET’s boast a 20-degree advance on the intake cam to provide more torque at lower RPM’s.

Modifying an early S13 SR20DET to incorporate the VTC is a common mod. The BC205 will fit any S13, S14, S15 engine with VTC.

While VTC is preferred by some, the system is often prone to rattling. Simply replacing the camshafts will not necessarily rectify this issue. This typically requires further modification of parts and precision tuning. A common fix to eliminate the unwanted noise from the later SR20DETs is to remove the VTC using a conversion kit. This allows the modified engine to use the BC0201, or any other, camshafts for the S13.

For racing spec camshafts by Brain Crower, check out the BC0206.

Make Model Years
Nissan S14 1994 - 1998
Nissan S15 1999 - 2002

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