CP forged piston Toyota 2jz SC7459

CP forged 86mm 9:1 compression 2jz piston kit part no. SC7459

CP pistons stock bore 86mm forged pistons

Let us just start by saying if your looking for BIG power CP pistons are hard to beat. CP is one of the most trusted names in the engine internal industry. Their extensive line of products provides the user with many of the options that would normally only be available if using a custom piston. CP's standard pistons already include Dual Pin Oilers - providing double the amount of oil to the wrist pin, radiused valve relifs, and the pin fitting final hone on the wrist pin bore. They even include an Accumulator Groove standard! This provides a small pocket for the combustion gasses to collect after the first ring, reducing ring flutter and providing a better seal allowing more downward force on the piston. simply put your engine makes more power. All pistons come balanced within one gram, include pin lock grooves and wrist pins at no additional charge.

CP forged pistons Toyota 2JZGTE/GE - Contact us for custom sizes and compression ratios 888-290-3213 or sales@brewedmotorsports.com . Shipped in complete set of 6.

  • Pistons
  • Rings
  • Wrist Pins
  • Locks
  • Forged
  • Balanced + or - 1 gram


forged internal cp piston 2jz short block engine


Make Model Years
Toyota Supra 1993 - 1998

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